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MTS World - Jumpin in with both feet.

Post by jimw427 » Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:12 am

I was looking for the best back up amp for home practice and for live use if needed, sold my Blackstar which was, have always used my Boogie F-50 live, just not the drive as it was a little over the top for what I played. So the search began, by accident I saw a post of an amp suggestion for someone else on the internet of a Randall RM22. Never seen or heard of these before. So I thought I owed to myself to check them out. Never heard of the MTS system before and spent several days on the internet learning. Well decided this would be an amp worth trying for my back up.

Well I tracked one down, had for 2 days and it impressed me so much, it is now my main amp. Loved to modules possibilities so much, I sstarted selling some of my beloved pedals to replace them with modules for a much better tone and sound. Now I thought I have got to be able to use more of these live, so my RM4 should be here this week thanks to this forum. I hope to run it into my effects loop of the RM22 and have access to 6 modules and 6 great tones..... Cant wait till it arrives, now I just have to decide what modules I need and what I need to sell off to purchase them...... Glad I came across this amp and the MTS system by accident..... where was it hiding all these years..... lol... looking forward to spending some time and money on this forum with you folks....... Jim

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Post by guitar@home » Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:47 pm

I am fairly new to MTS with no more than 6 months experience. In that time I have bought 2 RM50 combos to run stereo with a pod hd500, but I found stereo was not tight and responsive enough for me. Then I bought Lynch box RM100 head with plans to keep the modules and sell the head to get the module cost down, but after playing it through a 4x12 cab I knew I had to keep it, then I bought a RM20 combo for easy carry. I now have 10 stock modules and one JF 59RR custom.

I am happy as can be with MTS. IT took a little time but I really figured out how to make it work with the Pod HD500. I have been playing for 30 years now and have tried and owned a mountain of gear and all I can say is this MTS stuff works. I do plan to sell off some stock modules so I can buy more modded ones. Oh and for an easy upgrade put a JAN 5751 in your PI.
Lynch Box

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