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Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:20 pm
by crankyrayhanky
:D :D :D

Panic: I buy rm100 with Deluxe, SL+, and Treadplate
Jaded Faith
davis3: I buy Gigmods JTM & Gigmods Plexi
hyenik: I sell Gigmods Plexi
Guiness for Strength
Sampson : I sold Gigmods Brown
dboy5150: I sell KH3 in person
Konkey Dong
RD/Steve : I bought Egnater Deluxe and Twin single channel mods
MorgMetal666: Ibuy rm100KH
SuicideCircus: I trade SuperV for Grail
salvation: many modded mods
okstrat: many modded mods
MorgMetal666 (I bought 1086)
tlingen (I bought clean)
ratkent (I bought Ultra Lead)
Klark (sold Grail)
goldwing68nv (I bought a JTM VooDoo modded HG Jose)
mfred Jose>ULead & Recto
c2ply: Ultra Lead
mctallica1: KH2
CarsandGuitars- sold me a Scary
fishtank quick pay on the HBE
JKD (I bought JF Plexi)
rmilbeck (I bought topboost)
ak37: major deal swap, my rm100 for his rm50 with DF Brown Eye
headown:(I sold Scary)
tsmilliner: I bought rt2/50 with lots of tubes
JMelton: I sold gigiUltra
ultrase7en: I sold 1087 & Benzin
9985: I sold Brown Eye & JF Plexi
The Hunter: I bought Mamba
VooDoo: I bought Rectified
indy23: I bought Recto, he sent to Salvation
tehuk: I sold Ultra Lead
Ampoholic: I sold GigKH3 & Digitech Reverb pedal
Sampson: I sold Gigtopboost
ultrase7en: I sold 1666
jj2k123: I sold JF Ultra XL
Smokey: I bought JF Scary
Jeff Hilligan: I bought Eggy TWN & DLX
tlingen: I sold Angel
Spencer4hire: I sold Eggy Twin & DLX
Mikal69: I sold TNC ACM84 preamp
mfshockey: I sold Gigmods Mark
cold Machine: I buy 1666; wow great shape; thanks!
lol, cold Machine: I sell back 1666!
dr. Evil: I sell Gigmods xtc
frostysnowman: I sell JF Scary
sold in person to HughJasol: my gigmods Brown...tap on desert friend!
Metaloco: I sell rt2/50
walshinator666: I sell Mamba
Decerto: I sell rm50 Palomino
roszatycki: I bought screws
funkymonkey: I bought UltraCurve
drewiv: I sell Ultra Curve
studio289: I buy rm4 & Plexi Plus...MINTY!
Jaded Faith: Mark X
MorgMetal666: we strike another deal! I buy Ultra, he ships directly to Salvation; everybody WINS
George (MindCrime) : I sell Module bag
sr2000: I sell Mamba
imagimotion: I sell Randall 1x12
cold Machine: I sell cranky Angel...repeating customer!! Thanks!
rlord1974: I sold my Gigmods Recto! Yikes, I want this has since moved on, I'm investigating to see where it landed
audiomidijace: I bought JF 1959RR & Fisch
drastic: I sold Plexi Plus
Mattfig: I bought SG Diablo
cold machine: swapped my Gigmods SL+ for JF XMG
cold machine: I sold my SG Diablo

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:39 am
by crankyrayhanky
more smooth deals:
ricky: traded JF XMG for rf4 footswitch + cash
rhequiem: Wacky 3 way deal as I sent 1959RR and get a new module sent to JF for an OD.
disk11: I sell JF MarkX
HughJasol: I sell Masoldano Tite, then help broker a deal to have Hugh sell it to MichaelG :lol:
mctallica1: I sell SG Fisch
MichaelG: I sell Stonerverb :(
mctallica1: 6 weeks later, I buy back SG Fisch :!:

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:28 pm
by crankyrayhanky
more solid sales:

Fxrfxr: I sold JF 1959 P.E. :shock:
MarcoR: I sold JF OD special

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:48 pm
by crankyrayhanky
more great deals

ricky: I sold my rm4
MindCrime: I buyGigmods Deluxe- this module sings!
chunktone: I but Gigmods SL+
Junkhead1216: I sell SG Fisch
Jacksauce: I sell Gigmods SL+

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:09 pm
by crankyrayhanky
clearing up my inbox from 2012; here are more smooth deals from my big sell off:

mctallica1: he traded Diablo to me for JFTrilogy
JayDA: I sell Gold Mamba :(
Oyster: I sell Diablo
MYDEMISE: I buy tubes for Rectfier
Lovebandits: I sell Gigmods Blackface
stormrider66: I sell Afterlife ( I never even got to play this mod :(
metalsoup: I sell S1S0
Oyster: I sell Camerock
Packman: I sell Gigmods Deluxe
Phloyd: I sell Gigmods JTM
feefop: I sell Gogmods Tweed
Mattfig: I sell STARZ

I may be back things are brewing in MTS land


Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:15 pm
by crankyrayhanky
JKMV12: I shipped JF STEP