Fryette Powerstation 2

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Fryette Powerstation 2

Post by shortlife » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:22 am

Just wondering if many are using the Powerstation with their MTS rig?
I am really impressed with the results and recommend it highly.

In the past I have attenuated with various gear.

Torpedo Reload - I don't like the sound and feel from that unit, it feels stiff and sounds brittle to me, even though I know many out there enjoy it.

Koch LBII - Not bad at its first few levels of attenuation, but a reactive load is preferable to me.

Shur Reactive load - Not an attenuator, but a fantastic loadbox. I have used this to load down the poweramp and slave to a solid state amp with good results, but I prefer to keep everything in the path Tube based.

I have also used the Shur reactive load with the RT2/50 to slave itself. Channel A into loadbox and out into Channel B of the RT2/50.
This sounds absolutely killer, but then I lose the ability to channel switch the modules.

Anyway, I have ended up settling on the Powerstation 2 as this not only covers all my needs and gives great results but it also has a fantastic effects loop.
I don't know if it is down to the quality of the loop of because my post effects now come after the main poweramp (maybe a bit of both), but my effects sound way better and cleaner than before when i used the loop in the RM4 or the loops in my other amps.

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Post by Ripleyripley » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:07 pm

I am using a PS2 with the Synergy syn2.

I reached out to Fryette that said they used one for a lot of the work they did around the Synergy system. I went intent on purchasing a Synergy power amp and demoed their single-space amp vs. the Fryette head to head and stuck with the PS2.

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