Atomic Amplifier 12

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Atomic Amplifier 12

Post by audiomidijace » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:12 pm

PSA guys:
I picked up an Atomic Amplifier 12 recently.
For my MTS rig, this will replace my TC Nova System and
my ISP Decimator Pro Rack G. I like the effects better in the
Atomic and the gate function seems to work just fine.
I use an RM50 head, but for an RM100 it could change your
amp channels via MIDI as well.
All 12 buttons are completely programable so you can use it
any way you want. Change presets, turn on/off FX, etc.
Two expression pedal jacks too.
There's no way to run in 4CM with it. That's just not what it was designed to
do. But that's not something I need anyway.

On the recording side, I've been through the Suhr Reactive Load and the Two Notes CAB and just wasn't happy with the tones I was recording. Then my Focusrite audio interface died on me so I picked up an Avid 11 Rack. I was much happier with the tones I was recording with the 11, but still hoping for something better. The Atomic Amplifier direct sounds AMAZING! You can load your favorite IR files, the amp models sound and feel great plus there are tons of EQ parameters to dial things in. However, I also tried using the series FX Send from my RM50 and loaded only IR files and power amp models in to the Atomic and I was very happy with those tones too!

It's a pretty powerful tool and I wanted to share my experience with it.
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AVID ELEVEN RACK & Atomic Amplifier 12

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