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Post by khingpynn » Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:30 am

does the kh1 get close to roland jc120 cleans ?

I believe I read a review in Guitar World which gave the comparrison.

If it does I need one :)

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Brahma for cleans?

Post by GtrGeorge! » Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:50 am

I had a brahma..and I thought it sucked for cleans.
ya know..when you talk about occurs to me there are different kinds of cleans..for me..the best is a Blackface kind of clean. There is a meatiness to it. It may not have as much tweakableness to it as a Lone other words the LoneClean has EQ and switches that can help you get a lot of different stuff out of it....but if the clean you liek is that Vintage Fender Clean..the Blackface does it better than the LoneClean. But if you like a clean that is more modern sounding..than the Loneclean is better.

Personally I like a few differnt kinds of cleans...I love the sound prince gets on "Kiss" for example...its a totally direct into the board clean. And I dont think ANY module can do that.
If you guys think a KH-1 can go that, let me know. Its almost STERILE!! But for some funk..its great.
Merry Ho Ho..

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