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Hot Rod
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About XTC module mods

Post by Hot Rod » Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:51 pm

My stocks XTC after tried still nothing like the real thing, so I plan send it to mod,
There are Sacred Groove XTC LE, Jaded Faith XTC, Salvation mods XTACY, Voodoo XTC..etc...which one is the most closest to real bogner XTC in your opinions?
Please recommend, thanks!
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Post by audiomidijace » Thu Apr 03, 2014 5:41 pm

Let the madness begin in 3....2....

I tried a bunch and really liked the current JF version.
That being said, I'm not playing with any of the XTC mods anymore.
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The Beast
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Post by The Beast » Thu Apr 03, 2014 6:50 pm

I have the Sacred Groove XTC LE.
Mine is the fully loaded version gold face plate with the same options as a Bogner 20th Anniversary Ecstasy.

I have had it side by side with my friends Bogner Ecstasy 101B head and I can honestly say there wasn't a sound on the 101B I couldn't recreate on the SG XTC LE.

And more over I could go beyond the 101B in terms of amount of gain and tonal variation there were tones my friends 101B couldn't duplicate from my SG XTC LE!

I could dial in a deeper bass and more refined smoother mids, a clearer treble with better note definition also and this part surprised me the most how much more quilter it was than the 101B and also this module has a greater sustain!!!

The hang time on the notes is truly amazing better than any of my other modules for sustain as a lead module.

It is one of the best I have come across but every positive has a negative because the lead sound is so wide and has so much weight and thickness and girth to it and it's sound of individual single notes it is very difficult to dial in a rhythm tone for metal.

For rock and other styles it's great only for a more modern metal tight rhythm sound is were I have found it may not be the best module for that jandra of music.

But I have a lot of other modules that cover those types of modern metal rhythm sounds and tones.

Because it is so focused on doing what it does it makes it one of my favorite melodic singing instrumental toneful soloing lead modules.

Think Steve Vai for the Love of God but without needing a refrigerator size rack and a plethora of pedals on the ground to get it.
This module will get Vai, Satriani, Lynch, Mac Alpine, Marty Friedman and John Sykes type lead sounds.

It's very silky refined sophisticated and very expensive sounding.

Can it do the Bogner Ecstasy? Hell yes and Beyond!!!

Honestly if someone offered me a Bogner XTC 101B to trade for my Randall Lynch Box with the SG XTC LE my answer would be not on your life! LOL!

To be fair to Jaded Faith and Salvation Mods versions I haven't tried them so I don't know how they would fair against a real Bogner Ecstasy or against each other but it would be cool if someone could do a shoot out with all of them, a side by side comparison test.

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

GTO Judge

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Post by Mattfig » Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:23 pm

I will say that having almost every modded XTC out there that I just like a regular Marshall better... 8)

I will say this, all the modded ones are in the ballpark - my fave was Sacred Groove's and I wish I still had that one....
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Post by JKD » Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:24 pm

Of all the modded one's I tried...Gigmods (twice), SG and Savation...the JF was my favorite.
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Re: About XTC module mods

Post by Corium_AZ » Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:44 pm

Hot Rod wrote:My stocks XTC after tried still nothing like the real thing, so I plan send it to mod,
There are Sacred Groove XTC LE, Jaded Faith XTC, Salvation mods XTACY, Voodoo XTC..etc...which one is the most closest to real bogner XTC in your opinions?
Please recommend, thanks!
BTW - there is a perfectly good (and rare) SG XTC LE available right now in the classifieds...
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Post by Whoopysnorp » Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:53 am

I've had the older JF version and the SG version. Both were great, but I kept the SG. It is just massive, greasy, high gain goodness. The blue/red channel modes and the structure switch interact with each other in some very interesting ways on this module. I like the red channel best with the higher-gain structure and the gain set at about 10:00 (this module has a TON of gain). When I was first playing it and I tried the same settings on the blue channel, it seemed almost uselessly trebly. I eventually realized that the treble rolls off really nicely as you increase the gain, so the secret on the blue channel is to use the lower-gain structure and compensate by turning the gain knob up higher.

The difference between the two gain structures on the SG XTC also seems to differ from the JF version. On the JF version, it behaved more like a gain boost, but on the SG version, the change in feel is more noticeable (to me, anyway), and the difference in gain level isn't quite as great. On the SG version it feels more like it's a difference between a fluid, compressed sound vs a more open sound than it does a gain boost, even though the amount of available gain does change.

One big caveat to all this is that Rob has revised his XTC design since I had mine, and supposedly this had a big impact. I really don't think you can go wrong with either, but if that SG version is still in the classifieds, I recommend snapping it up, because you won't be able to get a new one built.

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