Which to Keep? Egnater single Twin or Randall Blackface.

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Which to Keep? Egnater single Twin or Randall Blackface.

Post by NuSkoolTone » Thu May 15, 2008 10:31 am

I never thought I'd be asking this, but I am truly torn here.

Not too long ago I acquired an Egnater Single Twin Module.

For a couple years I've had one of the original Blackfaces which was slightly modded to be "Correct" per Bruce Egnater. The Black stripe ones should be equivalent to what I have for all intents.

Here's the thing: I finally got a chance to REALLY A/B them, and given a few tweaks on either module, they are IDENTICAL. I mean I really can't tell the difference! Different guitars, speakers, it doesn't matter.

With the knobs at noon, I'd guess the Egnater is a touch brighter with a SLIGHTLY smoother attack and reduced mids. Or you could say the Blackface is a touch warmer with a hair more spank and more mids. BUT! Tweak the knobs 1/4 turn and they're the SAME. Really I mean it.

This is the first time the modules were so close! I had a Plexi and the SL and there were bigger differences and I could easily choose the one I preferred.

So I'd guess it comes down to looks and value. They're both paid for, so perhaps it depends on what makes sense financially?

Either should get their market value. I'll get more back from the Eggie, but it's easier to see the knobs vs. the silverplate blackface.

I still need to bring this in to play with the band, but the MTS rig I have is a beast so I use something else. Maybe I'll have to muster up the strength and see if there's any difference in that context.

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Post by metalmm785 » Thu May 15, 2008 12:16 pm

If my T/D didn't have the deluxe side, i would sell it and replace it with a blackface. I really like the blackface module and they feel really close in tone. The eggie has a softer breakup at the end of the gain knob but i don't really use it due to the deluxe side being available.

I would keep the Eggie if you ocassionally boost it with a tubescreamer or like to get a little hair outta of it, if you only use it for pristine cleans, then might as well keep the randall and save some money.

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