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Post by Julia » Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:06 pm

they kind of deserve each other.
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Post by Goldfish » Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:04 pm

Just came across some of my old notes on ULAK the other day, they contained some additional details not covered in this thread.

The 71 Super Lead is again the Aspen Pittman purple plexi.

The modded Marshall seems interesting since there is some conflicting info out there. According to most sources, including the official Lynch site, the super trem was a Lee Jackson mod. The old official Lynch gear page on Lynchs official site (that section has now been removed) the super tremolo was a Lee Jackson/Metaltronix mod with a 6550 power section. Wagener has also confirmed that the main ULAK modded Marshall was a Lee Jackson.

Now some are saying the Caswell #39 i.e the 59 Super trem later used on the GnR debut is on the album, but I think they have mixed up the ULAK tour and album rigs. Lynch discovered and fell in love with the Caswell right before the start of the tour, ie after the album was finished, and tried to no avail, to buy it off SIR rentals. It is well known that Lynch rented the Caswell 39 it for portions of the ULAK tour. The tone is so bright and different, I don't see how it could have been a part of that album. The Caswell 59 tone is obvious when comparing ULAK with Back for the attack and the 1st Guns n Roses. The Lee Jackson Marshall tone is much more meaty and grinding. One good example is Paul Gilbert's Jackson modded Marshall on the first Racer X album "Street Lethal" , which came out just a month after ULAK. It has much more midrange and an almost vintage-like chunkiness just like ULAK.

Some more info on pedals. Lynch was boosting the amps in several stages, a TS 808 (RC4558D chip) into a Boss GE-7 EQ for added front boosting. He was also using a Rockman Distortion Generator for extra push. I was frankly surprised to see the GE7 there, as that is one heck of a noise generator.

The cabs were vintage Marshall cabs. For speakers Lynch apparently had Fane speakers pulled from old Vox Bulldog cabinets to load in the Marshall cabs.
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Post by soulforger » Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:21 pm

At least part of that tone must be attributed to his guitars having solid maple bodies which is somewhat unusual. The original Mr Scary (a Kramer Baretta, NOT the skull and bones JFrog guitar) was a maple body, which is probably why maple was used for the ESP's George used here, which I believe he got the original Kamikaze around the time of UL&K as it featured in the video for In My Dreams, and The Hunter, hope this helps, try a maple bodied Baretta or ESP, the recent G&L Jerry Cantrell Rampage has a maple bod as well and sounds killer!
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Re: Lynch Tone mods

Post by alowerdeep » Thu Nov 10, 2011 5:29 pm

m0jo wrote:
Julia wrote:
Goldfish wrote:Still can't believe Ozzy or whatever company stooge was in charge had the audacity to replace the original drums and bass tracks 20 years later. That's just unbelievably harsh.
One word... Sharon. And since you can no longer get the originals, these redone ones will be the "originals" in 50 years. Of course Ozzy is kind of lucky Sharon didn't have him thrown in jail for beating her within an inch of her life, so Ozzy just goes along these days. And who knows the real story about the bad blood between the drumer and bass player and Sharon?
She wouldn't .. then she'd have nothing to milk, rape, milk, rape and milk again.

Yeah,there was a dispute over publishing/writing royolties I believe,so she just had the bass and drums redone...Sharon gave Ozzy a music career...without her he would have been a where are they now story in the 80's and more than likely deceased....She used his Sabbath fame to build a band of good musicians and her father(owned jet records) as vehicles to resurrect his career and surpass anythign he had ever done..I think she even kind of screwed her dad over in the process but eventually made peace with him,which I think also ties into the having the bass/drums re-recorded.....Sharon is supposedly quite a shark to put i nicely...quite obvious Ozzy is not the sharpest tool in the shed....She good musicians to write for him and made teh most of it for sure....I know it is all subjective,but I never thought Ozzy was even remotely close to a good singer,though I liked alot of the tunes....voice is very uniqe/indentifiable,but never liked it.......
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