Bogner Ecstasy Module Questions/Settings

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Bogner Ecstasy Module Questions/Settings

Post by RMosack » Mon Feb 15, 2021 5:03 pm

Help with Bogner Ecstasy Module. Fast forward to the end if you want to skip my excess verbiage!

I've had this module for some time now. But I feel like I haven't really figured it out as well as I should. for context, I have a pair of SYN-2 and with the following: ODS, SLO, Plexi, Ecstasy.

The ODS is great. I feel like it gives me that warm kind of clean and that D style drive. The SLO is a complete no brainer. Two channels of that classic '80s and '90s SLO thing. I just nudge the red channel with a bit more gain than the red. But the point is, these two modules (ODS and SLO) are simple and I get them.

The other SYN-2 has the Plexi and the Ecstasy. My thought here was four channels of Marshall and/or hot rodded Marshall tones. I really like the Plexi module. I run the blue (or is it actually green all this time?) for that edge of breakup Marshall thing, where the volume knob does all the work. I run the red channel just a bit dirtier. I love this module. It more or less represents why I got into Synergy in the first place.

But that darn Ecstasy has me stumped. I kind of want it to pick up where the Plexi leaves off on its Blue channel. And provide heavier rhythms (just under the fluid SLO module) on its Red channel. But I have struggled to really figure out what I can get it to do. For one, the three pre switches completely change the darn channels to the point in which it's like figuring out six amps instead of two channels. And then the V/M/C Schizo switch just adds to it. And just today, I read on the Synergy channel about something I hadn't even noticed, but might be eye opening. Those pre boost switches AFFECT THE OTHER CHANNEL. Yikes. In an inverse way too!

The Schizo switch, per the manual, is supposed to represent decades of Marshall.
- Vintage is obviously the oldest sounding word, so I assume that V = '60s = JTM era.
- Modern is obviously the newest sounding word, so I assume that M = '80s = JCM era
- That leaves Classic stuck in the middle, so that must mean that C = '70s = JMP.
But knowing all that stuff doesn't really translate to my ears and knob twiddling. And this is with the pre boosts off.


So how are the other Ecstasy owners using theirs? Blue channel and Red channel? Which Schizo (decade) mode? Which pre boost settings on each? What sort of guitar?

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Re: Bogner Ecstasy Module Questions/Settings

Post by j4q0 » Wed Feb 17, 2021 12:11 pm

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't seen anything or anywhere where either Synergy or Bogner explicitly confirm that the M, V, C of the schizo switches actually stand for Modern, Vintage and Classic. What is clear is that the M produces the most gain and the most compression while the V produces the least compression.
Forget about what sound each position should sound like according to the labels and dial in the tones that sound best to you on each channel. The blue channel has less saturation than the red channel so it seems reasonable to use the blue channel as light-mid OD and the red channel for more saturated tones.

It truly is a bummer that the pre-eq switches from the inactive channel affect the active channel, it negates that mod to provide 2 fully independent channels giving you a clean channel and a saturated channel. This mod would have been the best synergy mod if the pre-eq switches were fully independent and if the 100-101 and air switches were located in the front panel.

Having said that, even with these limitations this mod is very good.

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Re: Bogner Ecstasy Module Questions/Settings

Post by RMosack » Thu Feb 18, 2021 7:26 pm

There's nothing on the product page detailing the Schizo switch. But the owner's manual says this:

"The Schizo switch offers 3 distinctive overdrive/distortion characteristics, which could be best described in the decades of the 60s, 70s and 80s."

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Re: Bogner Ecstasy Module Questions/Settings

Post by crankyrayhanky » Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:53 am

I took the notes a few months ago and have recently been revisiting this module trying to figure things out:
default is 3 on the cap- that really sounds good on blue mid gain.
It says to go to 2 for more headroom. I think I like 2 better? I tend to gain it up in dropC and this allows the Red gain to have more clarity.

ok AIR ON! More lows & highs? YES lol
It sounds fine without, but on really delivers a nice energy
I guess if you are using an OD pedal or going for more laid back tones it's worth trying off, but I think for me it will always be ON

101 is more open/aggressive. I will likely live here. But the 100 woody warm setting could be really cool for solos with more vibe/less bite.
Overall I'm digging this more than I remember, it definitely likes the mids up on red to make it come alive. I could see this going into a role of dirty clean Blue/ Lead tone Red really well live.

Oh, all of this was with a EVH special, NO OD boost. I'll slap a boost on next time

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