RG75D G3plus

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RG75D G3plus

Post by rescuecapt » Sun May 30, 2010 8:24 pm

Is anyone else discusted with this amp? these amps are either total junk or i have a lemon. first the speaker was bad, next the tube had to be changed, now the distortion is bleeding over on the clean channel, and from day 1 this amp has had a major buzz in it and i have tried everything from different guitars, to different outlets and even to different places in my house and had no luck hushing it at all. though all of these problems Randall has done NOTHING!!!! abosolute no support for my problems, and by the way this amp is only about 7 months old and suposed to have a 3 year warranty.

Anyone else in the same boat with me on this amp? mines about to get tossed over the boat into the ocean.

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RG75D amp issues

Post by RG75DESPLTD » Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:26 pm

I've had 2 RG75D's; the first one that I had to sell, sounded awesome! One of the best sounding smaller amps I've ever had.
Now, I've bought a second one, and this one sounds wimpy and humms/buzzes like yours - very frustrating!
I look forward to hearing others with same probs and maybe some solutions...

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