RG100ES vs. RH150

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RG100ES vs. RH150

Post by Shaun » Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:49 pm

Hello everyone, New to this forum. But I already have a question!
if you had the choice between a RG100es (Dimebag favored) or a RH150, which would you choose? theres a RH150 at my local GC for 300 bucks, and a RG100es on craigslist for 200 (both come with footswitch.)

Ive been wanting that RH, but Ive recently been reading some reviews where they talk about a few problems (very bassy. vol. cuts out,)
So before its too late, should I try to get the RG?

note: the RH150 has built in effects. and I like some chorus in my clean..so thats a plus on the RH end
Thank you!

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