Amp Mods to a Randall Rt503H

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Amp Mods to a Randall Rt503H

Post by zepplin490 » Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:03 pm

Ive got a Randall Rt503 head and it sounds great on the clean and OD1 channels but the OD2 channel seems to be permanently stuck with a scooped EQ , I cannot EQ the scoop out of it... It sounds pretty good but not even close to as good as OD1. And OD1 seems to be pretty much like the lead channel on most amps its got a ton of available and useable gain and just sound great for metal or turn the gain down and it does 80's stuff and even some classic rock.. Im just wondering if there are any available mods out there... I would also like to find out if there is any way i could get a 2 or 3 way tight switch on the OD channels of the amp..
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