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Your Favorite Module Tubes for your Higher Gain Modules
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's not tube snobbery v2 in the modules is a cathode follower position and any preamp tubes made by new sensor (not just tung sol) are prone to failing under those conditions because of design and construction quality. It has nothing to do with just an MTS module/amp these tubes fail when put into other amps cathode follower positions. It's well documented online and by many amp techs. Of course many reputable tube dealers can also verify this and give suggestions for good cathode follower tubes (typically Ruby/Chinese, JJ, and of course you can get vintage or NOS tubes).

The V1 side you can use whatever you want I really like the new Mullard CV4004 in my amps V1 slot and in many of the modules V1 slot but I don't really do anything super high gain. I would say that the most important tubes in the MTS platform would be V1 in the amp and module(s) and I like using a good 5751 in the amps phase inverter. If you use the effects loop trick on the amp you'll also want a good, fresh tube in that spot. I have new Mullard CV4004 in V1 and FX (V2) and an old JAN GE 5751. No issues with my new sensor mullards however the tube dealer I use does pretty extensive testing.

To my ears many tubes do in fact have tonal impacts but they will be subtle even to a trained ear. The speakers, overall circuit designs, transformers, player, etc will have a more profound difference in tone and feel. I only use current production tubes for the most part but that's because their is a lot of misleading and sketchy stuff going on in the tube sales industry especially in regard to vintage tubes.
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