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guitarcomet wrote:That looks great, but...I have to ask...
Isn't that like putting a Corvette engine, racing tires and a premium sound system into a Vega?
I guess you've completely gutted it and reworked things a bit.
I know nothing about electronics, I also have no experience with Jet City amps.
I had a Soldano Hot Rod 100+ and I've played through a Soldano/Caswell X99 and a Lucky 13 (all great stuff).
But I though JC amps were cheap imports of Soldanos basic designs.
Am I wrong?
Why wouldn't you rework a higher quality amp?
Is it more fun, more challenging, more rewarding, cheaper?
Just trying to get perspective....
Not looking for a fight.
This is a perfectly valid question. The answer is a simple one. The Jet City is very close to a far more expensive amp like the SLO or a Hot Rod. The bones are very good under the hood. The PCB is excellent and very well done. The chassis is well laid out. All of the beginnings of a great amp are there.

Design choices like economy transformers, cheaper tubes, caps, pots, etc are what keep the cost down to reach a price point. If we are looking to do a massive overhaul with several custom design goals, it often makes sense to do it on a cheaper amp rather than the "Corvette" so to speak. You end up with a custom solution on par with a $3000+ amp for far less out of pocket overall.

For example, this job ran around $1600 for the amp, parts and labor. Doing similar work on an SLO would have easily run upwards of $4-5000 depending on the cost of the SLO provided. The end results are just as good as both my personal Hot Rod and several SLO's I service in the shop regularly.
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