best method / settings for mp3-ifying classical music?

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best method / settings for mp3-ifying classical music?

Post by ClintBarton » Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:52 am


I have quite a large collection of classical music I'd like to turn into mp3s. (~50 CDs; mostly your standard Old Dead Composers - Beethoven, Bach, Handel etc.) The problem is, I'd only like to do this once, and want to get the best sound quality I can with minimal quality loss.
Having searched around for an answer, most advice I found is targeted toward general music, not specifically for classical.
A few considerations: Space isn't really a problem, but ape/ogg/etc. are out of the question since I intend to use these both with my computer and in my ghetto portable mp3 player, which only handles mp3s. Since it's a CD player, I also don't want to go nuts with 320 kb/s CBR or anything if not absolutely necessary. Cutting 50 CDs down into 30 won't really help things much.Right now my standard ripping method is CDex + LAME, 32-256 VBR. Would this be sufficient to sound like the original through my not-audiophile-quality setup? (generic cd-mp3 player + $40 Koss something-or-others.) And if not, what can I do to preserve the subtleties which might be lost otherwise?

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