Transient switching noise in TDLX module

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Transient switching noise in TDLX module

Post by markla » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:55 pm


I own a SYN2 with modules Plexi and TDLX, which works fine in general.

But I noticed one issue:
Switching directly from channel 2 (deluxe) to channel 1 (twin) within the TDLX module produces a noticeable transient plop quite regularly.
This does not happen when switching from one of the Plexi channels to TDLX ch1 or switching from TDLX ch1 to ch2. So, there should be no general problem with channel 1 of TDLX, I guess.
Placing the modules into different slots in the SYN2 makes no change.

Is this a normal behaviour or do I have a faulty TDLX module?

Thanks for any advice.

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