Fryette Power Station PS2

Area for the Synergy line of amps and modules
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Fryette Power Station PS2

Post by cryptcrusher » Fri Aug 30, 2019 1:45 pm

Just wanted to provide my experience with this unit in case anyone with a Synergy setup was curious.

Prior to receiving the PS2 I had been using FX loop on my Marshall JVM 410H with pretty good results. I chose this head over others that I own because of the presence and depth controls, which IMHO are absolutely necessary in getting the right girth and grunt from the Synergy stuff.

I had no complaints with this setup, but also nothing to compare it to in order to determine if I was getting the most out of it.

I settled on the PS2 because:
  • 50 watts is the perfect amount of power for stage and studio
  • Presence and Depth Controls
  • Ridiculous amount of functionality at this or any price point (attenuator, power amp, fine tune controls, fx loop, etc)
  • Amazing build is a tank
I currently have a Friedman HBE, Soldano SLO and a Jaded Faith Snakebite (courtesy of retropete). I hooked the PS2 up to my Mesa OS Straight 4x12 loaded with V30's and started with the HBE. After a little fiddling with the volume controls on both units and dialing in the presence and depth controls it was clear that this was the way to go. Not to say that I was unhappy with what I was getting through the Marshall power stage, but the clarity and definition of each of these preamp modules was noticeably improved. Highs were more open, lows were tighter and heftier...the whole sound just seemed to "breathe" better.

I really don't know the specs on the JVM's FX loop or if I might have gotten better results with a different amp/fx loop combination, but I am sold on the Fryette PS2 for a preamp based rig. Next up to try is my Engl 530 and my Darkglass Alpha/Omega.

If you have been considering this unit for your Synergy setup, don't hesitate!

Synergy SYN1
Synergy/Friedman HBE
Synergy/Soldano SLO
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Re: Fryette Power Station PS2

Post by webrthomson » Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:21 am

Nice review - I agree the PS2 is a great little power amp for the modular stuff


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