Dual Syn-2's and Mod 50 Wiring

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Dual Syn-2's and Mod 50 Wiring

Post by ned » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:01 am

Finally figured out how to connect 2 Syn-2's and my Mod50. Gives me 12 channels of goodness :)

Mod50 Return to Master Syn2 'from amp return'
Master 'from send' to Slave L (mon) output
Mod50 Send to Slave ' from amp send'
Slave 'to ext amp' to input of Mod50
Master 'to ext amp' to input of Slave

Ignore the cable coming from the master L output, should be connected to the slave out on the Mod50. Also need to make some more cables but I haven't unpacked the garage yet from the move :(

And yes, the jumper on the parallel loop makes a huge difference :)

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