Power Amp for Axe FX

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Power Amp for Axe FX

Post by Stamil » Mon Sep 14, 2020 5:07 am

Hey there! I came across a great deal and ended up buying a cheap triple rectifier that I'll be trading for an ax FX.

Now i have a few questions regarding the power amps I should buy. The amp tech I took my triple rec to recommended me tube power amps all the way. Said they work harder, sit better in a live mix, and really push your sound well.

And a lot of others who use the AXE fx or other digital processors seem to want solid-state power amps that don't color your tone at all.

Can anyone give me any advice or tell me what I may need to know before buying a power amp?

If the cab matters at all I play out of an omega 2x12 with eminence swamp thang/eminence wizard. Playing mostly metal on this setup.

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