SALVATION modified RM20 head

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SALVATION modified RM20 head

Post by salvation » Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:50 am

I modified friend?s (Hyenik?s) RM 20 amp head.

Here is what I did:

Added 2 position CHARACTER switch, for Marshall/Fender (brit/fat) 1st tube in the amp.
This is switch, which changes first tube triode in the amp.
It switches between fender (full, fat sound )and typical Marshallesque mid emphasized character.
Fendersque setting is perfect for clean and some medium gain modules(top Boost for example),
Marshallesque setting is very good for Mid-gain modules and !PERFECT! for Higain modules.
Of course, it can be switched by taste.
I found that first triode (already built in each RM MTS amp) is the weakest part of (great) MTS idea, because (in STOCK amp)it is the same for all modules.
And what is good for clean sound isn?t allways good for overdriven sounds. I hate compromises!!
So I added this switch. It helps a lot!


I added 6 position TIGHT SWITCH placed instead of VOLUME BOOST on front panel.
Switch uses 6 different positoins, it covers all options, and works for every module I plug in.
With this switch you don?t need tight/bass switch on each module-it works in the same way!


VOLUME BOOST knob moved to back panel:

For home recording, bulit in fan can be noisy in some situations.
I added FAN on/off switch (Bogner Shiva has switchable fan , so I decided that RM 20 deserves it too:).

Added 2 position classic/modern switch which changes damping of power amp.
Classic position works exactly like stock amp.
Modern setting disables DENSITY control, and adds a lot of bass and mids.
It works very well for modern Rectifier type sounds, but with Voxy modules too.
Technically it is very close to real DR power amp (in red modern mode-the most popular mode)and real AC30 power amp.
Of course-switch it by your taste :wink:
(seen on pic with rotary VOICING knob)

Internally modified GAIN BOOST option. Now it has a lot more gain in MIDS. Now it really SINGS! :)

I'm sure that my mods increased versatility and sound options of the RM20.
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Post by JKD » Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:58 am

Nice work man..can't wait for the killer clips :D
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Post by TheHunter » Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:02 pm

Can you do this to any RM series head?
If so what does this run price wise?

Thats just insane by the way. Just these adjustments make an amp like this even more versitale.!

SWEET. Could you offer some clips to detail the changes the switches offer? perhaps using only one module but change the settings of the amp to show it off a bit.


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Post by hyenik » Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:28 am

and here is some customer review ;) but like first touch, because I played on it only one week without cab.

- brit/fat - useful for higain/clean, especially higain is more concrete, better articulated, with no boomy bass.
- boost - I was not so satisfied with stock boost, which is linear and in most situations it means more basses than you needed. So now is more like TSboost and is possible to use for example for higain modules too.
- classic/modern - this is feature for future interest :) Needs deeper observations, but I believe to Salvation, that this is most often "tuning trick" used on regular amps.
- fan switch - accesory for hotels in night :) and I want to put some extra cooling grid for safety reasons.
- and Voicing - this is absolute best of the best feature :) easy explanation - this is "C3" switch (6 positions!) I really love it. Best idea from salvation, without putting C3 switch on almost every module. Hypercool :)

Tube note. According informations here, I tried TAD EL84 (RT872), but this was wrong decision :( Better say disaster. No drive only muddy basses. Stayed in head only 20 seconds and stock JJ come back.

We worked on lot of other samples very hard .... so stay tuned ;)

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Post by salvation » Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:46 pm

TheHunter Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:02 pm Post subject: UMM


Can you do this to any RM series head?
Character and voicing switches:
It?s possible to do it on any RM series head, but I don?t think it would be so practical for example for RM100.
Because with RM100 you want to use all three channels, and when you set Voicing and Characters switches to work perfect with higain modules, it will don?t work good for clean module in different slot.
So - it can be done, but it would be compromise.

Classic/modern setting will work perfect in any RM head.

SWEET. Could you offer some clips to detail the changes the switches offer? perhaps using only one module but change the settings of the amp to show it off a bit.
For sound clips you had to ask Hyenik :wink:
He is owner of that little beast.

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