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Vendetta impressions

Post by gtr31 » Sun Mar 11, 2007 8:38 am

First off I again would like to thank Bduersch.
After having the amp a couple of weeks and rehearsing with it Im completly satisfied.
The amp does the most amazing hard rock tone ive ever had the pleasure to play. think Lynch, VH, Acdc, Motley crue..
the singer has a 5150 and those amps are freaking loud but for Tone the Vendetta just mixes so well .I use ch4 with 6 on the gain. mids around half treb pres around 6, density 6 as well/the amazing thing is the string to string definition. things that I used to play with the volume rolled back or had to change to the cleaner mode .no longer require this. It almost like you have a clean guitar mixed into your dirty signal and it sounds huge. Also the mid range punch is never honky nor is the treb or presence biting the amp cuts through beautifully never turning harsh.
I dont know how he does it but Bruce's voicing is really on the money in the hi gain mode for all rock.
the one thing I will say is I use the amp in modern mode and while i have more that enough gain .the death metal crowd would probaly benefit from a little more low end. I can only imagine what the MOD50, 100 sounds like after playing on this .Im not really sure what mods it comes closet to .But Bduersch has an M4 on the way so maybe he can chime in .
it sounds to me like a really well modded Marshall. and in modern mode maybe similar to a Bogner but with a tighter bottom

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Post by 3 Mile Stone » Sun Mar 11, 2007 12:24 pm

Cool. Imagine that ... another winner by Egnater. I totally agree about his voicings. I have always felt like he takes an existing amp tone and creates the perfect modified version of that amp. What kind of cabinet were you running the amp through?
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Post by bduersch » Sun Mar 11, 2007 1:25 pm

Glad to hear you're digging it :) I've certainly been missing it, esp. since my M4 is sitting on a Fedex truck somewhere. :(

Think I mentioned this at one point (and I wasn't just blowing smoke at the time!), but the Vendetta's the best high gain amp I've had in years... great presence, great warmth, sustain for days. It easily beats out the Mesas, Marshalls, and H&K's that I've owned, and I even preferred it to the TOL100 for its relative ease of dialing-in. My wife was even questioning whether I should sell it to help pay for the M4, but the alternative was selling another PRS, which is kinda like selling a kidney to me.


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Post by Hamer95USA » Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:45 am

Hey gtr31,

I'm very happy to hear that you got your Rocktron Vendetta amp head and that you like the sound it gets. I bought the same amp last year from a local seller who sent my Vendetta to Bruce Egnater to revoice channel 4 to sound similiar to channel 3. It sounds killer now and is not as different from channel 3 when I switch to lead. It's perhaps one of the most well designed amps on the market with the ability to use different power tubes, external bias points, serial & parallel effects loop, adjustable impedance selector, MIDI switching w/ 7 pin MIDI cable and the wonderful multiple channels in the amp itself. I almost bought an old school Marshall until I found this amp by accident.

I let my friends borrow my amps over the weekend and it kept up with any of the amps in the club without a sweat. It also sounded killer too!!

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Post by gtr31 » Tue Mar 13, 2007 10:28 am

Yeah , George I love it .
I mainly use channel 1 set for a sparkly clean, 2 the same sound just with a hint of dirt.
Ch3 is Acdc gain about 6.
Ch4 is my main Rythm tone gain is about six what I like about 4 is it is a lil scooped and focuses more on the low mids, the clarity is amazing .i kick a Bad monkey on my leads, ive always used a tube screamer dont really need too but its a comfort thing. My 3/4 channel is modern switch on. I was going with a mod 50 and I would have done MHG and TD probably ill be curious when Bduersch get the M4 as to what the differences are .
I might change to tung sol 5881 are they are the rave .but honestly I dig the el34M that are stock and they blend great with the 5150 our singer uses

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Post by richedie » Tue Jul 17, 2007 1:04 pm

If the Vendetta sounds that good, I can't imagine how good the MOD 50 must sound in person! I know people who have bought the MOD 50 said it is worlds better than the Vendetta and olde TOL!

I was looking to buy a Mesa Roadster or the new VHT SIG_X but the MOD 50 is too tempting.

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Post by Daryl » Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:42 am

I actually almost bought a Vendetta a few years back. It has an amazing tone on the high gain channel. It is really a very versatile head. I was comparing that head to the RM100 head loaded with and Ultra, Modern, and Blackface and I found the Randall to have a decisively better tone. I liked the Vendetta, but the voicing of the channels was pretty similar to my ears. I also liked the idea of being able to change my tone on the fly. The RM100 also had more bass response, but it could have been the cabs. Both cabs were loaded with Vintage 30's. I would place the Vendetta on par with the tone of the B-52 AT100.
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