WTB T2 head Wanted !

Discussion for the T2/V2 amps from Randall
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WTB T2 head Wanted !

Post by meticalman » Mon Dec 07, 2020 7:31 am

I'm looking for a Randall T2 again.

I've owned two in the past and sold them regretfully and I owned a v2 at once.

I bought and sold the v2 for 500 and the T2 I had I paid 699 for one of them NEW and the other 375 used and sold it for that, and traded the other to a friend back in the day when I bought the v2. Anyway, I think the T2 sounds better, most like the V2 better, maybe I had a dud, I know these amps are ridden with problems.

Which brings me to my next point, if you are one of the crazy dudes on reverb asking 800+200 shipping for a T2 head, no I'm not interested.
There is a guy in Missouri with one for $250 but he won't ship to me even if I pay 150 shipping. I don't remember what these costed new, but I know I bought a v2 brand new on close out for 699... now the amps are old and they have problems, so You guys are nuts if you pay what these reverb folks are asking.

But hit me up if you want $450 shipped

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