Randall RG50TC reverb/FX switching

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Randall RG50TC reverb/FX switching

Post by JohnnyWardle » Thu Feb 11, 2021 10:51 am

Hi there,

I have an RG50TC that I love, but it has a small problem. The Reverb and FX loop switching does not work on the footswitch.

I have the schematic and I've probed the reverb circuit, but I cannot work out what could be wrong. Unlike the channel, gain and boost switching, the reverb is always on without the footswitch plugged in. So the line to the footswitch never becomes +ve. It's always grounded and the yellow LED on the amp is always on. Adding the footswitch, which is simply a switch to ground, has no effect. It's the R4, four button switch. 6pin DIN socket. From everything I could find out, it's the right switch. Just four buttons that switch to ground when closed.

My best guess currently is that either Q12 or Q202 are faulty. But if anyone has any experience with this part of the circuit, I could really appreciate the help.

Many thanks.


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