Free service burn in for forum members

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Free service burn in for forum members

Post by Music Gear Guys » Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:33 pm

Hi all.
Some of you may know me/ MGG from other forums or my reputation of helping some of our top pro players out there achieving a personal tone. Pedals and tone is what makes me tick.

The MTS lineup allows me to take this to another level.

When I assist players with their tone, we look at all aspects. Including tubes, cables, strings, pedals, picks, and etc.

One big thing that helps is to burn in tubes. I was told about this by none other than Lord Valve. (just a couple doors down from my shop)

So, I'd like to offer this as a FREE optional service to forum members that purchase MTS or other Randall products from Music Gear Guys.

So when you order something from us just ask for you FREE burn in.

Thanks for you time,
Official Gear Junkie!

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