Randall RG90 Transformer?

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Randall RG90 Transformer?

Post by mdq » Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:46 am

I've got a 1974 Randall RG90a-610 that is not working. I'm pretty sure the transformer is bad (blows the fuse with the secondaries disconnected). My dilema is that the transformer has only 1 marking "2-43" stamped in white paint on the top. The schematic doesn't give any info on the make/model or specs for the transformer either (hopefully I'm just blind & haven't seen it). I've emailed amp support & they kindly sent me the schematic, but said they don't have any other info & don't know the specs for the transformer.

Anyone lend me some advice on a replacement transformer?

Thanks for any help!


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