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Post by tnjazz » Tue Jun 05, 2018 6:51 am

I agree. It was great to hear from Antonin this morning and I wish it hadn't spun up to this level. I have always understood he is busy which is why I have tried very hard not to be that "overly demanding customer" and hammer him for updates and information every few days.

I do want to say though, for me it was really not about the faceplate order as much as the lack of communication, but I think that hurdle has been cleared now.

What was (and still is) more important to me is getting some answers and guidance on possibly getting a dual mod ordered, since there is no clear information anywhere on what is and what is not possible for the dual modules. A good example is the MarkUS thread in the classifieds over the weekend. Who knew it wasn't possible? Certainly not me.

Not being able to get any answers to my questions from either Antonin or Matt is what generated ALL of my frustration in the thread.

So thank you Antonin and I look forward to hopefully sending some business your way soon.
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